Leveraged Capital Europe BV

Leveraged Capital Europe (LCE) is a dynamic and internationally-oriented strategic legal advisory and investment firm founded in 2019. Our firm specializes in investment consulting, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), and capital markets. With a wealth of experience spanning over 30 years, we provide strategic and legal advisory services in various sectors. 

Operating internationally, with a significant focus on Western Europe, we assemble a team of experts for each transaction, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

At the heart of LCE’s services is its expertise in legal and strategic advice as well as co-investment and participation. We provide guidance to our clients through intricate investment decisions and complex mergers, offering valuable insights and strategic advice. This approach ensures optimal outcomes for clients navigating the dynamic landscape of business investments. 

In the realm of Capital Markets, we specialize in public fundraising activities, including Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) and capital transactions. At our firm, we provide advisory services in this domain, enabling clients to navigate the complexities of raising capital in the public domain.

We adopt a boardroom consulting approach, delving into strategic legal aspects of transactions. This includes a comprehensive range of services, from investment and mergers to boardroom decisions, demonstrating our commitment to providing holistic support to clients. We make sure to provide a tailor-made approach for each transaction. 

Beyond advisory roles, we offer co-investment opportunities, aligning its interests with those of clients. This collaborative approach enhances trust and fosters a shared commitment to achieving optimal outcomes for all parties involved.

Our sector expertise spans – among others – Life Sciences, Green Energy, Art, Litigation Finance, Real Estate, Compostable Products (bio) and Recycling. This diverse knowledge ensures that clients receive tailored solutions that align with their specific industry needs.

Leveraged Capital Europe stands as a reliable partner in the intricate landscape of investment and strategic decision-making, combining legal acumen, international reach, and a commitment to deliver tailored solutions that meet all requirements.


  • Life Sciences
  • (Green) Energy
  • Art
  • Litigation Finance
  • Real Estate
  • Compostable Products and Recycling